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Quaility Policy

Quality Policy

►Provide Total Customer Satisfaction.
►Meeting group's quality standard and specified requirement of customer at economics price.
►Pan to achive continued improvement in :-
  • ►Quality
  • ►Reliability
  • ►Economic & Safety
►To retain competitive edge and increase market share.
►Involvement of employees, vendors and subcontractors.

R & D

The R & D department has been equipped with the State of Art Testing and Development Instruments and equipments. The R&D is equipped with Agilent CRO, Fluka Oscilloscope, Ballast Analyzers, various Component Testing and measuring Instruments , Magnetic Core Analyzer and selectors, LCR , Lamp Characteristic Measuring Equipments (PMS-50), Globe-Integrator etc. The main feature is the simulation equipments, few purchased and few designed so as to simulate the different conditions of the market in the Lab environment, testing the products life cycle beforehand. The main success of our R&D lies in the minimal replacements from the market, the credit goes to the highly qualifies R&D engineers, whose understanding of the Indian Market (Wide demographic Conditions - One side it is High Hill with snow, other side massive desert, highest density rain fall, high density population area and so on) and working the day and night out resulted in circuits suitable for all Indian conditions, thereby uniting the great country with same CFL.

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